U2018075 Merry

Approx Age:3 years
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Status:Reserved (accepting applications)
Adoption Fee£90

Suitable with catsSuitable with children?Suitable with dogs
No.Secondary school agePossibly.

Now this pretty lady is Merry. She came to us after a change in circumstances meant that she sadly couldn`t stay in her previous home.

When she first arrived with us, this lovely lady was a little worried by the changes to her life, she hid away in her den, was a little shy and would tell you if you were doing something she didn`t like or was unsure of with a grumble. Our fabulous staff got to work straight away working with her to build up her confidence and trust.

Now she`s a much more confident girl! She is out of her den most of the day and she will happily chirp and chat to everyone passing by. She loves to have a fuss with her favourite people and only being a youngster herself she does enjoy some fishing rod play. Merry is still a very independant lady however, and will tell you if you`ve overstepped the mark (in her opinion) with a hiss or a little slap.

Merry is looking for a new home where she can have all of the love and attention and resources to herself, she is looking to be the only cat in her new pad. She`s looking for a home where any children are secondary school age and who will better understand her and give her the time and space she needs to settle in.

Do you have space at home for Merry? She really is a lovely lass, just a bit of a bossy boots!

You can find out if Merry is the right cat for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Merry suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

Please note a cat cannot be reserved until you have visited the Centre. This form allows us to judge whether or not an animal is likely to be suitable to save unnecessary visits to the Centre to view unsuitable animals.

If you have submitted a compatibility form and are awaiting our response before travelling to the Centre, please call the Centre on 0114 2898050

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