S2018137 Trish Stratus

Approx Age:1 year
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Colour:Tabby and White
Status:Reserved (accepting applications)
Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£90

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Possibly.Teenage and over.Possibly.

This little cutie is Trish Stratus. She`s a very special lady who was brought to us after concerns arose for her welfare.

When she arrived with us she was very shut down and terrified. She hid away from us and only came out of her den when no one was around. Over the few weeks she has been here with us, we have been working very hard with Trish to try and build up her confidence and show her that us humans are actually pretty cool. The progress she has made may seem small but it is brilliant.

She now comes out of her den to relax but she has a custom built fort to help her settle and feel more secure. There`s evidence every morning that she comes out through the night and plays with her toys. She will also take treats from us and she`ll even have a gentle fuss with her favorite people. We at this point think that she will progress even more so in a home of her own with her own, dedicated humans.

Trish needs an experienced cat home, ideally having owned or spent time with nervous cats before. She`s looking for a home where any children are older teens and where her family will be willing to carry on building up her confidence and will support her as she settles into her new environment, at her own pace.

Trish may never be a cuddly lap cat but she`s only a youngster deserves the best chance to live a full, happy, adored life, just like every pet cat should.

Could you give this wonderful young lady a bright and happy future?

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