Volunteer Vacancies

Please find below all the volunteer roles we offer at Sheffield Animal Centre.  We only have a limited number of volunteers we can accommodate, so the amount of vacancies we have available for each position will be shown by the side of each role title.

We will be unable to process applications sent in for a role for which we do not have any vacancies.

If you are interested in helping in more than one area, please apply for your preferred role and we can then look into other areas at a later date.

If you are unable to download and print an application form, you can collect one from Sheffield Animal Centre reception.

Branch member

  • Branch Trustee -closed


Charity Retail & Fundraising

Reception & Administration

Animal Care

Other Roles

If you have submitted an application and have not had a response within four weeks, please contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@rspcasheffield.org.

Thank you!