F2017001 Holly

Approx Age:3 years
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Status:Reserved (accepting applications)
Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£75

Suitable with catsSuitable with dogsSuitable with children?
Possibly - it may be beneficial for Holly to live with an existing, confident cat.Possibly16 years and over.

Holly is a shy lady who is looking for a special home. Used to living rough and fending for herself, she was very frighened when she first arrived and would just sit, shake and growl to show her unhappiness.

With daily socialisation and lots of yummy treats, she is now much happier. She spends much of the day relaxing and snoozing in her pen, she does also enjoy playing with her toys and will often interact with visitors through the glass.

Holly can still be hesitant for handling, but with the staff she trusts, she will come and spend time sitting by you, happily take any goodies on offer and having a gentle fuss. Once she has a bond with you, Holly will rub and headbutt around you and accept a gentle groom also although this all does have to be on her terms.

Holly may never be a lapcat and she may choose just to be an independent mog but she is starting to relax and trust the people she knows best so her confidence my grow in a home with a dedicated owner, willing to put the time in to support her development.

Holly is looking for an experienced cat owner (ideally with experience of a nervous cat) It may be beneficial for her to live with an existing friendly other cat who she can buddy up with. This girl may be very nervous and will need a lot of time spending with her but she is so worth it and deserves to be happy and loved.
Could you offer our lovely Holly the home she truly deserves?

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