D2017066 Chloe

Approx Age:3 years
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Colour:Brindle and White
Status:Reserved (accepting applications)
Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£100

Suitable with dogsSuitable with catsSuitable with children?Suitable to be leftExperience?Minimum fence height
No - she`d like to be the only dog please.UnknownAdult only home please1 to 2 hoursExperienced dog owner required (ideally large breeds)6 feet

Big, beautiful and cheeky, our Chloe is a big silly softie with a massive heart. When she first came to the centre along with her friend Zoe, it was a tough time for them as it was likely the first time they had been exposed to something new other than the four walls they had grown up in. Unsurprisingly, they were very worried for the first couple of days but It didn`t take them long to begin to make friends with the staff, wagging their tails, bottoms and whole bodies!

Chloe hasn`t had it easy and just walking on a lead, because it was new, was quite scary! Now she sees the lead and knows it signals fun times, so she gets very excited about it. When she first arrived, she was very unsure about being handled, it took time to gain her trust and but now she loves nothing more than a fuss and a cuddle with her favourite people.

A little unsure around other dogs, Chloe really wants to go over and say hi, showing nice greetings and play bowing but then once she gets close she can worry and feel out of her depth. She will need more training and support from her new owner to help her to gain confidence and good experiences with other dogs. She`s looking to be the only dog in her new home for now, so she can hone her skills without pressure.

This timid but super sweet girl is looking for a quiet adult home with an experienced dog owner who can help her to start from scratch as if she were still a puppy. She will need to be barely left at all initially so she can get used to her new surroundings and routine. Several meet and greets will be required for anyone wanting to take this girl home, she will need to get to know you and feel safe with you before moving in together.

Could beautiful Chloe be the dog for you?

You can find out if Chloe is the right dog for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Chloe suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

If you have submitted a compatibility form and are awaiting our response before travelling to the Centre, please call the Centre on 0114 2898050

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