D2017052 Prince

Approx Age:7 years
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Colour:Black and White
Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£100

Suitable with children?Suitable with catsSuitable with dogsSuitable to be leftMinimum fence heightExperience?
16 years and over please.UnknownPossibly, we may consider a home with a calm, placid, friendly existing dog.Up to 4-5 hours once settled.5-6 footExperienced dog owner, ideally someone who has experience with anxious/nervous dogs.

Prince is a gorgeous, mature Collie boy who is looking for a very special home. Adopted from another branch, he has sadly had to come back into RSPCA care due a change of circumstances and he is looking for another chance of happiness.

Cruelly treated in his past, Prince still has mental scars and has never forgotten the way he was treated. Despite bonding well with his female owner, he is always wary of new people, men particularly and although never aggressive, he still finds them worrying and will try to avoid them until he is happy in their company.

A great housemate, he is clean, not destructive and is used to being left for short periods. He is a good lad, although can be a little strong on the lead but you get the best of him if you ask him politely to do something, definitely not command or tell him!

He loves long walks, sleep, tasty treats and cuddles from his favourite people but he isn`t keen on loud noises or long car journeys as he can be travel sick. He has allergies which are kept under control with medication when required to keep him happy and comfortable.

This beautiful boy is looking for an experienced owner, ideally someone who has owned anxious/nervous dogs previously. He is looking for a home with adults and older teens as he finds children too loud, fast and scary and he needs a home where he can truly relax and enjoy life. He is looking for a home within the South Yorkshire region, as due to his nervous nature it may take many meet and greets before he is comefortable with his new people.

Although he is good around other dogs, we don`t know if he has ever lived with one. We may consider a home with a calm, placid dog who Prince could buddy up with and learn from, we would do several introductions to ensure a good relationship before moving in together.

This timid boy deserves to find forever happiness with someone who can help him through the scary bits and share wonderful adventures with him. Could you offer this special guy a great new home?

You can find out if Prince is the right dog for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Prince suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

If you have submitted a compatibility form and are awaiting our response before travelling to the Centre, please call the Centre on 0114 2898050

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