B2017117 Calypso

Approx Age:13 weeks
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Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£90

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PossiblyPossiblyAny age

Calypso was found by a member of the public. She`d been abandoned in a cardboard box, along with her six siblings, at just 6 weeks old. After a quick visit to the vets for a check up, apart from having fleas, she was found to be in fairly good health.

Calypso and her siblings spent the next few weeks being cared for in one our amazing foster homes. Now she`s returned to the Centre to find her new forever home.

Calypso is really a typical kitten! Playful, inqusitive, affectionate and confident. She loves nothing more than a good nosey and exlpore in her surroundings, causing havoc and wrestling with her siblings when she gets giddy!

Calypso would make a loving and entertaining companion in any household, could this be yours?

You can find out if Calypso is the right cat for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Calypso suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

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