S2017061 Ed Sheeran

Approx Age:2 years
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Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£70

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Huge and super handsome Sheeran was brought to us by an Inspector due to concerns for his welfare. A member of the public reported that he had a limp and needed some help. After a check up at the vets and some pain relief, it seems all Sheeran needed was some rest and relaxation. He was soon back in good health and now he`s ready to find a new home!

Sheeran likes to greet his carers and he enjoys a gentle fuss and a stroke, but he likes affection on his terms and likes to be able to wander off and explore when he has had enough. He enjoys spending time with you but he is not keen on being picked up or restrained and can panic and lash out if he feels out of his depth. He much prefers to sit with you or be around you, playing with toys or just having a chat.

Sheeran likes to be the boss and needs family members who understand his personaility and needs, he`s looking for an experienced home where any children are teenagers.

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