D2017029 Tia

Approx Age:9 years
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Colour:Brindle and White
Adoption Fee£100

Minimum fence heightSuitable to be leftSuitable with catsSuitable with children?Suitable with dogs
4-5ft fence1-2 hours and build up on this please. Unknown14 years and over please. Possibly with Snoop or a calmer, older dog please.

Tia is a super special lady who came to us in a terrible state. Her skin was raw in places and her eyes were completely closed up with infection. She`s an older lady but she is bouncing back to good health, now she is on the road to recovery. Her eyes and skin are going to need continual management to keep her healthy and happy, we can offer an adopter some support with this. Any potential adopter would need to be confident in administering eye medication and giving Tia regular baths.

Tia can`t see very well due to damage to her eyes and she also suffers from dry eye. She needs a bit of help and assistance when she is out and about to ensure she doesn`t bump into things. She also appears to be hard of hearing and cannot always hear when she is being called. She will need to be kept on the lead when out on walks. She enjoys having a mooch about with her friend Snoop but she also loves cuddles with her carers.

This lovely girl is happy to be in the company of another neutral calm dog who will let her get on doing her own thing without interuption. She may be suitable to live with anotherdog if they are of similar age and personality.. A few meet and greets will be necessary, it may take her a little longer to get to know her new pal with her reduced hearing and eye sight.

Tia is looking for a quieter home with older children where she is able to enjoy her later years in peace and quiet. She doesn`t ask for much, just good food, a comfy bed and a loving understand owner who can keep her happy and healthy.

Could you offer this special dog an amazing new luxurious home full of love and happiness?

You can find out if Tia is the right dog for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Tia suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

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