U2017052 Chief

Approx Age:4 years
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Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£70

Suitable with catsSuitable with dogsSuitable with children?
Yes - has lived with many beforePossibly12 years and over preferred, may consider slightly younger.

Chief is a super handsome feline who was brought to us with several other cats after his owner sadly passed away.

On coming into our care, he was understandably a little nervous and worried for the first few days but then started to settle in and was much more relaxed and confident. He likes to greet his carers for a gentle fuss and a stroke, especially if food is around but he likes affection on his terms and likes to be able to wander off and explore when he has had enough.

Chief enjoys spending time with you but he is not keen on being picked up and restrained, he much prefers to sit with you or be around you, playing with toys or just having a chat. He doesn`t mind being groomed but he is a bit unsure so we are helping him to get used to it with short, gentle sessions and lots of tasty sweeties too.

This gorgeous lad has had his life turned upside down but now he`d love to find a new owner to love and adore. He`s a gorgeous lad and we can`t wait to see him enjoying life in a new home. Could he be the cat for you?

You can find out if Chief is the right cat for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Chief suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

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