S2017048 Crunchie

Approx Age:16 weeks
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Colour:Ginger and White
Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£90

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Crunchie and her siblings were born via emergency Caesarean section, after their mother was struggling to give birth naturally.

These cuties spent their early months of life growing up in one of our wonderful foster homes. The fosterer and mummy cat did an amazing job bringing them up to be affectionate, confident, curious and playful kittens!

Crunchie is a funny little character! Whilst enjoying being in the midst of all the rough and tumble with her siblings, she is also a quite independent - she will quite happily play on her own! She loves human contact! She will even roll on to her back whilst enjoying a fuss! She is usually the one that slopes off for a snooze before any of the others. She will come and find a cosy lap to cat nap on when she`s tired, or sometimes just relax next to you. Initially quite timid, she`s since come out of her shell a bit, although she tends to be very unsure when facing a new situation. Typical of a cat - she does like to climb, and even push items from the high places she scales!

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