S2017022 Shandy

Approx Age:6 years
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16 years and over please.PossiblyPossibly

Poor Shandy was brought into RSPCA care after he was found living rough and limping with a badly injured leg. Luckily after a few days rest, he was much better but it was found that he had an injury to his eye and he was covered in scabs too.

On entry, he was really upset and scared, he didn`t know what was going on and chose to hide away in his den and ignore the world outside and hiss at anyone or anything coming anywhere near.

We gave him the space he needed to relax, but our cattery team spent time with him daily, gaining his trust with tasty fishy offerings and he started to become more brave and curious whilst coming for more tasty grub.

After a few weeks, he is much happier but he is still very unsure at times. He will hiss at you whilst approaching, just in case....but then he gives the most wonderful headbuts and rubs around you affectionately. He has the loudest and longest meow we have ever heard and usually lets you know he is on his way with this amazing noise. He does like a chat....he really does!

Still not the most confident fellow, we think he is now at the stage where he will improve much more in a stable home of his very own. Although affectionate when he knows and trusts you, he can still panic and lash out when he feels threatened so he needs to build that bond with you slowly. He may never be 100% lap cat, but he is such a sweetheart - he deserves a wondeful home full of happiness and love.

Due to his nervous nature, we are looking for an experienced cat home for Shandy with older teens if any children and where he can have his own space to settle in and get used to his new family at his own pace.

Shandy may have spent most of his life so far living rough and fending for himself but he`d love to be safe and cared for. Could he be the cat for you?

You can find out if Shandy is the right cat for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Shandy suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

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