C2017005 Tyson

Approx Age:8 years
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Adoption Fee£100

Minimum fence heightSuitable to be leftSuitable with catsSuitable with children?Suitable with dogs
5-6ft1-2 hours and build on this. Unknown8 years and over please. Possibly, several meet and greets may be required.

Tyson is such a special guy - he is lucky to be alive! He came to us in an appalling state and we couldn`t believe how thin he was. But....this dog is a survivor and he has fought his way back to full health and a bright future! Intially, he could barely carry his own body weight to climb stairs and he didn`t have the energy to move around much, but with time, patience, a healthy diet and heaps of love he is once again fit and healthy and ready to find a new life.

Tyson is such a pleasure to be with, he still loves people despite what he has been through and still gives us the benefit of the doubt. He has a heart of gold and never fails to make you smile, even on the most grey of days. He loves spending time playing with his human friends, playing ball or following his nose to find tasty treats. He wants to be part of team for whatever the task may be, this is what makes the bond you build with him feel so special!

Tyson has previously lived with another dog and gets on well with fellow canines here at the centre. However as food was in short supply for him for so long, he worries about having to share is resources, in case he ends up in the same position. So, although we wouldn`t rule out the possibility of him living with another dog, we would insist on great care around food and high value resources and ensure there are places to separate the dogs if necessary, particularly during meal times.

Tyson may be suitable to live with children as young as 8 years who are confident and sensible around dogs and can understand when Tyson needs his own space. Although he is still full of energy and likes to get up to a bit of cheeky mischief, he does like his own quiet time to totally relax. Tyson yearns to be part of a loving family where everyone can give him the amount of love and adoration he will give you right back.

This lad has come back fromt the brink and he absolutely deserves a chance to feel loved and secure as a pet dog should. We can`t wait to see him happy and settled in a home. Could you be the human he is waiting for?

You can find out if Tyson is the right dog for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Tyson suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

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