U2016166 Sully

Approx Age:2 years
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Colour:Black and White
Adoption Fee£70

Suitable with children?Suitable with catsSuitable with dogs
Adult onlyPossiblyPossibly an older, very calm and tolerant one

Sully is a special, super handsome feline who originally came to us from Blackpool RSPCA.

A sweet and affectionate guy when he has had the time to get to know and trust you but he is very shy and worries lots. He really needs a quiet home with patient and understanding owners who will let him come out of his shell in his own time and who will spend time gaining his trust with tasty sweeties and lots of love.

He enjoys coming to sit by those he trusts for a gentle fuss and some yummy goodies but he isn`t sure about being groomed just yet. Sully craves a stable, secure and forever home, to enable him to flourish and become the cat we all know he can be. He is looking for an adult home, where any children are teenagers.

He suffers from urinary tract issues and is currently on supplements to keep him well but he will always need extra support and consideration at times of stress and upheaval to try and prevent flare ups, he`s a very sensitive fellow.

Could you offer a loving home to Sully?

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