B2016123 Drax

Approx Age:4 years
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Colour:Tabby and White
Location:On trial adoption
Adoption Fee£70

Suitable with catsSuitable with dogsSuitable with children?
PossiblyNo16 years and over please.

This big chunk of a cat is Drax! He was brought to us by an Inspector as he was a long term stray, living rough with no one to care for him and he was in poor health too.

Drax was suffering with flu and his eyes were very sore, which made him feel very poorly, and a little grumpy at times! However, with some medication and gentle TLC from his carers, he soon felt better and began to trust us a little more. However, he`s been left with long term stomatitis (inflammation inside the mouth), which will need closely monitoring, regular vet check ups and medication. Our clinic here at the Centre may be able to assist with the cost of this.

Drax gradually started to trust his carers and he showed us what an affectionate lad he can be (on his terms of course!) Once we had discovered that he`s rather sensitive about where he`s touched, he now enjoys a gentle head fuss and purrs lots! He may still give a scratch or nip if gets frightened or you don`t respect his boundaries but we work hard to make sure he never feels that way.

He has gained so much confidence and he`s now much happier and quite content with sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by. Although Drax doesn`t like being told what to do, he`s easily persuaded with a tasty treat or two! Drax would prefer an adult only home without dogs, and where any children are older teens. Here he can take all the quiet time he needs to build his confidence and trust with his new owner.

Could you give our big, gorgeous Drax, a chance to be loved, cared for and truly happy?

You can find out if Drax is the right cat for you by filling in a compatibility form. After completing this form our staff will check that Drax suits your lifestyle, setup and preferences and contact you to discuss their findings and, if a match does seem likely, your options should you wish to pursue adoption.

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