Kieran Holman has been supporting us and we went to cheer him on at his recent boxing match - He's awesome!

Kieran Holman has chosen to raise funds for the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre, and we attended the first fight that Kieran took part in with our logo on his arm, showing his support. The event was held at the Aria Suite in Leeds and was great to see so many talented fighters taking part.

 Kieran is seen here in the corner with his team starting to prepare for the fight ahead with his opponent Mark Black. 4 x 2-minute rounds for the title of Bantamweight Champion (Yorkshire). His belt was held in the ring while he prepared himself for the fight ahead.

Mark Black and Kieran Holman stand together and proud of their achievement after the fight. They are both winners after scoring a draw of 37 points each, which means that Keiran Holman is still the undefeated Bantamweight (Yorkshire) Champion and also the Featherweight (Midlands) Champion. Keeping his belt means a lot to Kieran and Mark Black gave a fantastic fight to try and take it from him. In our eyes, they are both winners after a draw and an amazing battle.



08/07/2017 Tammy